Sunday, January 23, 2011

thank you Chanee, {me}longings

Chanee's Setting Some Sparkle post

Over the past couple of years I’ve spent more of my “free” time on my creative arts. Along the way, I’ve had the great fortune of becoming friends with some of the most talented artists and industry bloggers around, including Chanee Vijay.

I was immediately drawn to Chanee because we share a passion for sustainable living. Chanee also keeps a gorgeous blog, cleverly titled {me}longings, that showcases fresh earth-friendly home and garden decorating ideas as well as beautiful sustainably-designed pieces and vintage finds. Every visit is a treat!

Imagine my surprise when Chanee awarded me a Stylish Blogger Award. How sweet and unexpected. I love what I do and I blog when I can -- something I'm grateful to have the time for. Thank you Chanee --it's an honor.

By accepting this award I promise to share seven things about myself and fifteen recently discovered blogs that I find inspiring, creative and well worth a visit.

For starters, here are seven things about me:
  1. Some of my favorite gifts to give are art supplies.
  2. I would love to travel back in time to spend an afternoon baking bread with my great-grandmothers Relda and Velda.
  3. My first published artwork was a yearbook cover I drew in 4th grade.
  4. My favorite color is burgandy.
  5. I wish I were a better cook.
  6. Oils are my preferred paints to work with.
  7. And I've built a house from the ground up--a four square bungalow with built-ins, two refinished antique claw foot tubs, push-button switches, and period lighting.
And for the blogs, I don't have fifteen and some of them have been around for a long time, but the ones I am sharing below are kept by some of my favorite people. I hope you take a moment to get to know each person on the list and the gifts they have to offer...they certainly make this world a better place for me.

you sentimental idiot
accidental frock
SPUN Collective

If they choose to accept this award they will:
  • Thank + link back to the person who awarded them (me)
  • Share seven things about themselves
  • Pay it forward to 15 discovered bloggers
  • Contact those bloggers about the award
Well, I'm off to share the good news with these lovely ladies. Cheers!


  1. Congratulations dear sister. You do deserve this award. I admire your grace and beauty, but most of all your generous creative spirit.

    Your painting is precious too and I can't wait to see more of your work.


  2. I will certainly accept my award! I'm honored, humbled, grateful and excited to fulfill my part and pass it on. With a little luck, that will happen next week. I'm expecting better health, thus, improved productivity. Thank you more than you might imagine!