Sunday, July 18, 2010

hello again

Just the other day I reacquainted myself with some long-lost set of oil paints and worn brushes. I've waited too long for this moment. Perhaps life as a stay-at-home parent and spouse to a chronic start-up visionary has kept me a wee bit preoccupied. But not any longer.

I'm starting work on a new series of paintings and hope to make an announcement soon as to the nature of the project. In the meantime, I'll continue juggling the multitude of summertime activities for my daughters, planning family celebrations and vacations, and forging ahead with with our home-restoration projects. Oh, and did I mention I'm smack in the middle of refinishing some amazing yard sale finds, reupholstering two vintage cane chairs, and thinking of ways to make use of all the leftover hemp, organic cotton and linen textiles? One thing's for certain: I'm extremely grateful to have the loving support of my family and friends along the way.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

i'll take vintage please

This birthday has been an embarrassment of riches. My friends and family spoiled me with fabulous meals, handmade gifts, and even a night out on the town. And as if that wasn't enough, my husband encouraged me to splurge on a few home-decor items that I've been eyeing for sometime. Perhaps he was feeling a bit guilty for not helping with the monster interior-painting project, but I certainly wasn't going to put up a fight. I had a pretty good idea where I could find me some amazing farmhouse antiques.

I kid you not, if given the chance I would have bought everything from the boys over at Barn House -- but I couldn't and had to "settle" for these instead: the gorgeous rusty milk can (above) and this vintage galvanized watering can. I'm beyond thrilled because they'll make perfect additions to my kitchen and front porch.

I also scored this fantastic turn-of-the-century Hanson Bros. shop scale from Daily Memorandum -- a shop I'm just getting to know. Don't you just love the scale's timeworn appearance? I do. And I think the color and numbers are sublime.

As much as I adore these vintage wares for their utilitarian qualities, I'm equally fascinated with their history and the people who crafted and used them. I want to know what everyday life was like for these people. Where did they live? What were their troubles? Their indulgences? Sigh. At least a girl can daydream, right?


Saturday, July 10, 2010

taking flight

I couldn't have asked for a better birthday gift than the looks of glee on my daughters' faces when they released eight Painted Lady butterflies into our garden. They were absolutely thrilled to have the chance to watch them transform from larvae to winged beauties. I'm so fortunate -- Happy birthday to me indeed. I love you L + A!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

celebrating 100 years

It's been some time since I've posted anything here. You could say I've been up to my elbows in paint, literally, for several months now. You see, 2010 marks the 100th birthday of our Seattle home and we plan to host a little end-of-summer bash to celebrate.

Knowing this was in the works I started to panic last December when I imagined guests touring our home in it's current condition. For the three years we've lived here, we've endured a green kitchen with crooked faux-marble linoleum flooring, a living/dining room boasting impostor wainscoting, and brass shower enclosures...all thanks to a mid-80s remodel. Something had to be done and fast!

Here are some "before" photos (please excuse my amateur photography skills):

January arrived and I drug out the tools to remove the hideous chair rail around the living room and dining room and putty the remains. After countless hours of puttying, sanding, and caulking, the main level of the home was now ready for paint (Benjamin Moore, of course!).

I knew that I wanted to repeat the color palette from the bungalow-style home my husband and I built seven years ago on the prairies of Colorado (photos coming soon).
I'm really pleased with the outcome and relieved to be switching gears to furnishing the place with period lighting, reproduction push-button switches, organic textiles, antiques, and salvaged furniture in need of a little TLC. I can't wait to pepper in some of my own design aesthetic along the way...I have an affinity for all things farmhouse, French, Mexican and of course, sustainable.

I began this project knowing I wouldn't be able to restore all of our home's 1910 style and charm before the summertime bash, but what mattered most to me was that I was happy and passionate about something again.

I'll leave you with a few "after" photos: