Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 was a rewarding art year for me

2011 was a very fulfilling year for me art wise and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunities to create.

My family supported my time spent in the studio so that I could finish my Dust Bowl Glimpses paintings (a year-long + project in the making). My daughters and I embarked on a clay project, "Tiny Rabbits". I stretched and gesso(ed) a stash of organic fabric that I later adhered to salvaged Mexican Chechen hardwood to make eco-canvases for my oil paintings. I met some incredible artists and artisans through my participation in several Poppytalk Handmade markets and through members of the Etsy Folk Reveries Team and Etsy -- you are such an inspiration! I also deepened relationships with dear, dear friends from within my art circle-- you are my heroes! And, I had a guest art tutorial published on the AMAZING design blog, Poppytalk: "Drink up these these kitchen colorants".

It couldn't get better than that, right? Well, I've just learned that my art tutorial has been chosen as one of Poppytalk's "10 Most Popular DIY's for 2011" as well as included in Poppytalk's "10 Gorgeous Wall Art DIYs". I'm's truly an honor to be included here. Thank you Jan + Earl for promoting the handmade movement, indie artists/artisans, emerging designers, and trends -- you make our lives more beautiful!

Here's to a fruitful 2012 for all of us. Cheers!


  1. Amazing year, Mandy! Congratulations on all your well deserved success and recognition. Wishing you even more in the year ahead. x

  2. Thank you so much, Phoebe! I'm really fortunate to have the support of my family and dear friends like you! I continue to be amazed at your beautiful're such an inspiration. Here's to a prosperous 2012 for you, too! Cheers!!