Monday, March 21, 2011

tiny rabbits - no. 1 + no. 2

It's been a few weeks since I announced our tiny rabbits family project inspired by the incomparable Cathy Cullis and her tiny heads project.

Since that time, my daughters and I have managed to sculpt and paint a handful of hares (some mischievous) who are now ready for their public debut. We've also inspired my mom and sister to join in on all the fun.

tiny rabbit no. 1. A classic white bunny. She's not sure what the fuss is all about...and frankly ...she'd much rather be munching on carrots back in the hutch.

tiny rabbit no. 2. She's quite confident and very much at ease in front of the camera (she took over the photo shoot I tell ya). I am happy with her coloring.


  1. So lovely to hear from you Liane. I am really enjoying this time with the girls. Cheers!