Thursday, March 24, 2011

summit tbr - no.2

Let me tell you about a treasure I found last week. It was Friday and we were on our way to karate practice. I noticed a pile of discarded wood by the side of the for the taking courtesy of a local bedroom furniture shop.

Of course this stopped me in my tracks..literally! The girls were a bit startled when I put on the breaks and screamed with glee (sorry girls) at the thought of finding salvageable wood to handcraft more artisan canvases.

After safely dropping the girls off for their karate session, I backtracked to the location and scored this amazing piece of fir. Its warm tones and a weathered exterior complete with scrapes and notches instantly drew me in. I knew it would yield three to four new canvases.

It wasn't until yesterday when I was using it as a prop in my photographs that I discovered the most fantastic marking...proof of a previous life:

No. 2


It's simply gorgeous! There's no doubt that I will incorporate the stamp into one of my future designs. I must know more about the stamp and plan to research Summit Timber, PLIB and the other markings soon. I may just call the furniture shop, too.


  1. LOVE this! I break for trash all the time! My family now spots wood piles more often than I do :) It would be so much fun to go pickin with you!

  2. Pretty, pretty! You know I am dying to see that painting we're getting a glimpse of.

  3. Rikkianne -- Ha! I often wonder what my girls truly think of my thrifting/picking. Anytime is a good time for me.

    Julie -- You're so sweet for wanting to see my painting. This acrylic on cradled wood panel pays homage to my grandmother Candelaria (Laria's namesake) who made the most amazing homemade tortillas. Hope to blog about it soon.