Thursday, August 4, 2011

a recent discovery: the studio visit

The Studio Visit is a fantastic escape for those of us who enjoy discovering under exposed artists and how they produce their work. The site's Archives page is brilliantly designed: you can search work by artist, medium and region.

From their site:
"TheStudioVisit (TSV) introduces professional artists at work in their studios speaking directly to their work through a dialogue with the writer. This intimate first-person view into artistic process cultivates familiarity and appreciation of the intellectual and technical processes of contemporary art making. TheStudioVisit serves its audience as a welcoming place in which to discover newer or under exposed artists as well as artists who are crossing new thresholds in their work. It strives to engender nationwide networking among area artists as well as wider ranging art communities, connecting creators, curators, writers and patrons."

After viewing a few artist's videos, I'm already feeling a bit of validation that I can do this. As many of you know, I am a stay-at-home parent to two elementary-age daughters and I've only recently set up a studio in my home to resume painting and drawing following a lengthy hiatus. Clearly the responsibilities that come with the family and household take priority over studio time, however, seeing how other artists are able to "carve" out studio time in their daily lives is encouraging.

Here's Lily's studio visit. I love gaining the meaning behind an artist's body of work.

Lily Cox-Richard (M.S.) from Isabel Manalo on Vimeo.

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