Thursday, June 9, 2011

calling cards in the making

my first batch of handmade calling cards

Part of getting ready to sell my paintings and drawings involves having business cards on hand.

Rather than order professionally-printed calling cards, I've decided to handcraft a batch using various index and note cards which may or may not have had a previous life, my "weathered silo" rubber stamp, and brewed coffee. I may also include a tiny doodle or two from time to time.

each note card is laid out to dry after being dipped in a pie pan of coffee

I'm loving how each dried note card is not perfectly flat

I can't help but think my great-grandmothers Relda and Velda would approve of this. I also suspect they too would look for ways to use leftover coffee for projects around their homes.


  1. That is a great idea and the cards are so precious. Denise

  2. Love the coffee! I also love that you make your own business cards. I do the same. Much more personal that way. The doodle adds an original element. Love!