Thursday, October 28, 2010

my sketchbook - no. 6

I picked up this wonderful pie tin this summer and just had to sketch it. Those tiny circles are holes in the pan.

I had fun doodling this. They're not necessarily flowers or stars or butterflies. I kinda like the way I colored some in and thickened the outlines on others.

I drew this at karate the other night. I'm glad I filled in a few of those "seeds".

I'm thinking of using some of my doodle patterns in some future oil paintings. Just thinking. Cheers, Mandy


  1. I was wondering how the painting was going and didn't recall the name of your blog so googled you in the wee hours this morning. Great name, very cool sketches too and congrats on your shop. I see your Barn House link - I just made my first ever visit there for the Fall sale this year.

  2. Thanks! I'm super excited about the presentation I have planned for my oil paintings. Having fun using up my stash of fabric. Busy holiday weekend planned (parties, karate performance at zoo, etc.) so my shop won't open til Monday. Cheers!

  3. your sketches are beautiful! I love the "seeds" sketch!