Friday, November 12, 2010

poppytalk's 101 reasons to buy homemade

One of my favorite, go-to sources for design and creative inspiration is Poppytalk -- brought to you by the dynamic duo of Jan + Earl.

Thankfully they are continuing their conversation about handmade goods and why so many of us artisans do what we do. Jan and Earl asked artists, designers and shop keepers to submit thoughts on the subject and here are some of my favorite reasons: (click here for a link to Poppytalk's full article).

  • #46 -- When i buy handmade i am buying more than a product. i am supporting an artist who has put care, creativity and love into the product. i am supporting their vision. the product has such a personal history and story. Pamela Sherry,

  • 47. Buying handmade is win-win situation : You enrich your life with beautiful handmade goods, and you enable an artist to continue following their creative dreams. Stephanie Levy,

  • 71. Buying handmade shows our children that not everything in this world needs to be mass produced. It teaches them to love and appreciate the unique and the imperfect. And it inspires them to do their own creating as well. Jill Bent,


  1. thank you :) I really mean it too! wishing everyone a lovely handmade holiday season!

  2. thank you, mandy! i'm honored that you chose to include my quote :) i'm so thankful for places like etsy and poppytalk who support handmade work and so appreciative of the customers who choose to buy it.

  3. Thanks for passing on this Mandy! Oh and look at those pieces in your etsy shop! Going there now!

  4. Thank YOU ladies for your design inspiration! And Jan, it is because of you so many artisans are being discovered, and valued, by more and more people. Here's to living sustainably and supporting handmade. Cheers, Mandy