Friday, September 10, 2010

the incomparable andrew wyeth [repost]

South Cushing, 1955 - tempera on panel

Art has always been a part of me, especially painting. I credit this gift to my mother who in her own right is an exceptional painter. She is the one who introduced us kids to Andrew Wyeth's body of work. My attraction was immediate and resolute.

So imagine my delight when I came across Andrew Wyeth Autobiography - Introduction by Thomas Hoving, a compilation of 133 tempera, drybrush, and watercolor paintings and pencil sketches spanning Mr. Wyeth's 60 years of paintings. Included on the pages are stories about each painting by the artist himself...simply awe-inspiring!

Here are just a few of Mr. Wyeth's paintings (one with narrative) that resonate with me:

Weatherside, 1965 - tempera on panel

"I wanted Weatherside to be a true portrait of the house--not a picturesque portrait, but one I'd be satisfied to carry around in my wallet to look at because I knew this house couldn't last. I did it purely for myself. I had this feeling that it wouldn't be long before this fragile, crackling-dry, bony house disappeared. I'm very conscious of the ephemeral nature of the world. There are cycles. Things pass. They do not hold still..."

Curtain Call, 1979 - watercolor/paper

The Pantry - watercolor/paper

Pantry Window -- watercolor/paperThe Milk Room - watercolor/paper

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