Sunday, July 18, 2010

hello again

Just the other day I reacquainted myself with some long-lost set of oil paints and worn brushes. I've waited too long for this moment. Perhaps life as a stay-at-home parent and spouse to a chronic start-up visionary has kept me a wee bit preoccupied. But not any longer.

I'm starting work on a new series of paintings and hope to make an announcement soon as to the nature of the project. In the meantime, I'll continue juggling the multitude of summertime activities for my daughters, planning family celebrations and vacations, and forging ahead with with our home-restoration projects. Oh, and did I mention I'm smack in the middle of refinishing some amazing yard sale finds, reupholstering two vintage cane chairs, and thinking of ways to make use of all the leftover hemp, organic cotton and linen textiles? One thing's for certain: I'm extremely grateful to have the loving support of my family and friends along the way.


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